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Press Release - Laura DeDomenic to run for County Council at Large

Laura DeDomenic proudly announces her candidacy for the 2020 elections for Bartholomew County Council at large.

Laura DeDomenic’s top issues are preserving the financial stability of Bartholomew County, supporting Public Safety, and supporting Economic Development in Bartholomew County.
DeDomenic has said “We have long term problems that require long term solutions”. DeDomenic understands that it is important to look long term and provide financial stability to the community. She has worked with the local county offices, department heads and eventually an outside consultant to identify the long-term financial needs of Bartholomew County. She has supported the implementation of reliable revenue streams to fund both the short term and long term needs of Bartholomew County. She has advocated that our biggest departments take advantage of the offer to have our largest employer provide volunteers to assist with six sigma and re-engineer processes for efficiencies. Many of the strains to the county budget and resources are directly or indirectly related to the Opioid/Drug crisis in our county. Jail overcrowding, the number of court cases skyrocketing, drug overdoses, E911 activity and children in need of care are all symptoms of a very expensive problem. Laura is active in supporting the efforts of ASAP (Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress) to address this debilitating problem in our community.

DeDomenic would like to continue her role on County Council to ensure that the Council manages the revenues generated go to the departments and the programs that make the most impact on keeping Bartholomew County a safe place to live. Supporting public safety has been a priority for her. She realizes that it takes the right resources, the right people, and the support of County Council for those involved in law enforcement, E911, and the Court System to keep Bartholomew County a safe place to live.

She also realizes it is important to provide the resources to all Bartholomew County Departments to provide the level of services our community expects and needs to attract business and industry to Bartholomew County. Attracting and retaining industry and jobs is vital to the long-term economic wellbeing of Bartholomew County. New and expanding industry creates not only more jobs, but expands the tax base for Bartholomew County.
Laura DeDomenic is a local entrepreneur involved in real estate and a small business owner. She is active in The Columbus Rotary where she is currently Treasurer. She also serves on The Greater Columbus Indiana Economic Development Board, the Bartholomew County Redevelopment Commission, and the ASAP Funding Board where she is currently serving as President. She is also involved in the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and SCORE.
Laura DeDomenic has served on Bartholomew County Council for over 5 years as the County Council Representative for District 2. She is running for Bartholomew County Council at large because she wants the flexibility to move within Bartholomew County while continuing to serve on Bartholomew County Council.

Committee to Elect Laura DeDomenic
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