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My top issues are preserving the financial stability of Bartholomew County, supporting Public Safety, and supporting Economic Development in Bartholomew County.

I happy to say that Bartholomew County is now financially stable.  When I took office five years ago, we struggled to balance a budget, and our reserves were dwindling.  I am proud of the fact that five years later we have long term financial plans, we have stable revenue streams, and we are working on building up our reserves in case of an economic downturn.   Many of the strains to the county budget and resources are directly or indirectly related to the Opioid/Drug crisis in our county.  Jail overcrowding, the number of court cases skyrocketing, drug overdoses, and children in need of care are all symptoms of the problem.  My involvement with the community and working with the leaders of ASAP convinced me that I needed to look at long term solutions and do what is right for Bartholomew County.  We have long term problems that require long term solutions. 

I would like to continue my role on County Council to ensure that the Council manages the increased  revenues we receive go to the departments and the programs that make the most impact on keeping Bartholomew County a safe place to live and supports the economic wellbeing of our community. I realize that it takes the right resources, the right people, and the support of County Council for those involved in law enforcement, E911, and the Court System to keep Bartholomew County a safe place to live.  I also realize it is important to provide the resources to all Bartholomew County Departments to provide the level of services our community expects and needs to attract business and industry to Bartholomew County.  Attracting and retaining industry and jobs is vital to the long-term economic wellbeing of Bartholomew County.  New and expanding industry creates not only more jobs but expands the tax base for Bartholomew County. 

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